Steps to Take Good Care of Your PC

1. Watch Your PC Airflow

Air supply on a computer or laptop is very important. Because each of these gadgets will emit heat if used for some time. When the air supply is working properly, your computer’s temperature becomes regular.

If the PC or computer continues to experience high temperatures (overheat) then there is a risk of damage to the hardware such as suddenly turning off, blue screen, or others. Costs incurred for repairs on hardware will usually be more expensive.

So that the heat can be overcome, use a heatsink that has good quality. In addition, clean the fan when maintaining your laptop or PC on a regular basis. You also need to replace the thermal paste on the processor. This needs to be done in the second year of the computer or laptop that you have purchased.

2. Software and Driver Updates

Most computer PC users do not pay attention to the software or drivers used. Though these two things are very important because they can help your PC always work optimally. Because there are times when the software you install cannot be used if the OS you have is not updated first.

One way to take care of a computer or PC is to update it regularly, at least every two months. Because at that time Windows, Mac or others had done the latest updates. This update serves to fix bugs, improve software performance, improve protection, and more.

3. Avoid using PC when it rains

If it’s raining or it’s going to rain, it’s best to turn off the computer first so you don’t get struck by lightning. Especially if the computer is connected to wireless or modem, immediately turn off the computer and internet network properly so as not to be struck by lightning.

4. Replace the Thermal Paste and VGA Processor Periodically

The most important step in the next computer maintenance is to replace the processor paste periodically. Paste or thermal paste will usually dry out when used, therefore, so that the computer does not overheat, the thermal paste must be replaced.

Thermal paste can be found in hyperstores or computer stores. The price varies depending on the quality, ranging from 20 thousand to hundreds of thousands.
In addition to the processor paste, VGA or GPU paste also needs to be replaced. To replace the VGA thermal paste, first remove the installed heatsink fan.

5. Cleaning Dust Adhering to PC Components

After doing some of the methods above, the next step is to clean all the components that are still attached, such as the hard disk, power supply, LAN card, VGA, and several other dirty components.